My thoughts on the after fight fight.

So for those who where not paying attention here is what happened with a little background. The fight is question was Jake Shields VS Dan Henderson. Shields shocked many people(myself included) by dominating ‘Hendo’ for most of the fight. I figured ‘Hendo’ would role right over shields. I was was wrong. ‘Hendo’ was out fought on every level. But thats not what I am here to whine about so back to the story. Apparently “Mayhem” Miller was cornering ‘Hendo’ which explains why he was even near the cage. The same goes for both of the Diaz assholes and the champ Gilbert Melendez(who fought a great fight as well in case your wondering). So the fight ends. The cageside announcer is interviewing Jake Shields. ‘Mayhem’ steps up near Shields and his camp and interrupts to ask Shields “where is my rematch buddy” while seemingly trying to shake Jake Sheilds’ hand. Someone from Shields’ camp decided that it was a good time to push “Mayhem”. So they did and Jake Shields got a good shove in on “Mayhem” as well. Immediately after the shoves the Shields camp(Melendez, the Diaz assholes, and others) jumped ‘Mayhem’ gangland style while a few others pulled Jake Shields away.
So thats a simple version of what happened. Now here are my thoughts. First off I agree with some of you that maybe ‘Mayhem’ could have picked a better time to called out Jake Shields. Like perhaps when the Diaz GANG is in a different building. But we all need to remember something. It is not at all odd for a fighter to step into a cage and ask for a rematch with a guy he has lost to. It happens a lot, especially with the bigger fights. Sure he should have given Shields a few more seconds to chill or maybe even waited for the presser, but this brawl was NOT at all Miller’s fault. Shields camp was completely in the wrong and I would not be surprised if charges or sanctions where levied against them. We have to give some credit to Shields though because in an interview after the after fight he admitted he let is emotions get away from him and he apologized. Melendez also apologized. The apology from Diaz however was not really an apology. Diaz basically said ‘the dude deserved it’. Yeah you guys are real tough guys huh? Many against one is a way to show your the better man and the perfect way to “have his back” right? Anyways thats what I think. Another thing we should keep in mind is that baseball has had far more of these type of brawls than MMA. The same goes for football, soccer, and hockey. I am actually a bit surprised that this has not happened more often. People need to remember that this is a FIGHT sport and having a fight at a fight is not really that big of a deal. If anything more people will watch MMA now hoping for something similar. Its the nascar effect. People dont actually watch nascar to watch car turn left five hundred times. Well not the ones with brains anyways. They watch it hoping for crashes. That after fight fight was the nascar crash of MMA and I think it will draw more people to the sport. I purposely did not include links to the brawl. It wasn’t that great of a fight anyways. Was more like someone getting ‘jumped’ in. Not that I’ve ever been involved in something like that 🙂

    • Darcie
    • April 18th, 2010

    I agree! I think it all a bunch of silly nonsense and never shouldve happened but it did. And regardless they r all getting huge attention today! Good or bad.

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