Humble & A DoppleBock


I have always thought of myself as a guy who could handle himself in just about any sort of fight. Maybe I would not win them all, but I would not get crushed or completely dominated. That all changed last night. As some of you know I have started taking Brazilian Jui Jitsu classes at a local school. Last night was my second class. We started out with warmups and moved into double/single leg take-down drills using a jab as a distractor. I did okay with that bit. We next moved onto getting an opponent who has you in side control into your guard. Again, I did okay. It was obvious that it was the first time I was doing these things but I was not completely lost. And in the last bit of class we did what is called Randori which simple put is free-style practice or sparring. My instructor picked me to roll around with seeing as I am way green at BJJ. I was completely lost and dominated. We started on our knees and I was very quickly mounted our locked up in his closed guard. I worked and work and achieved little or no success. I might have passed once but even then I got the feeling he let me pass because very soon after I passed I was locked up in a darse choke. After that we swapped people out and the first group(myself included) was able to watch others practice. I saw some things I should try and caught my breath(it was only 2 or 3 min sessions but I am way out of shape). Then it was my turn again. The same thing happened. I was totally controlled. Soon after that class ended and we all left for other classes or to go home.
The drive home and the subsequent shower left me with plenty of time to think. At first my mind was going over and over what happened trying to think about what I did wrong and how that class changed me. I came up with another couple of things that might work to help me pass but my mind kept leaping back to one word.
I was totally dominated in randori. It was expected, but that does not make it any less true. I cannot handle myself effectively in EVERY fight type situation. It takes long training cycles and practice session after practice session to do these type of things. I need to work on this as much as I can. I need to work and study my ground game and train hard to get my cardio where it needs to be. This line of though kept working in my head and soon enough got me thinking about the MMA and the thoughts that go through my head. Thoughts like, “What is that idiot doing!? Why won’t he sweep him? Duck that punch dammit! That dumbass cant even take him down. This guys striking sucks. He is getting worked on the ground”. Most times that I watch a fight those sort of though inevitably swirl through my brain. But after that class I am now wondering why I thought those things. We as fans watch mostly as entertainment or to see some guy get is assed kicked or to see a good grappler or striker or some mix of the two. We sit back with our beer and our friends and we judge. Over and over again, fight after fight, we look at the warriors and make assumptions and in our minds place the fighters at some point on the wining/losing scale. This for the most hurts no one. It changes nothing about the fight or the fighters. We are just flexing our MMA knowledge and “getting into it”.
But after having my ass handed to me I was shown something else that I think we all should keep on our minds when watch the fights. These are two highly trained warriors. They have put in hundreds of hours in the gym and on the mats training themselves to fight, in some cases for their very well being(feed their family, pay the rent, etc…). We should remember when we start to make judgments on something that a fighter does that what they are doing it immensely harder then we think it is. When the thought comes, “what the hell is he doing?”, remember that that man or women in that arena is fighting his ass off and doing the best he can. Place yourself in his shoes. The adrenaline is flowing, your heart is pounding, your sweating buckets, your getting hit in the face, and the guy(or girl) across from you is trying to put you to sleep.
I would never ask people to not make judgements about out favorite sport. That is part of the fun of watching it. To analyze and look for ways a fighter could do better. To predict outcomes and find your fighter to follow. I am simply asking you(and me) to keep a huge level of respect for what these men and women are doing in the back of your minds as you are getting into the fight. These are highly trained athletes and win or lose, asshole or angle, they all deserve to be respected for the dedication and work that they all have put into the sport they love. They are in there working their asses of to entertain you. Cock lesnar make be an asshole but he is very talented when it comes to athleticism and wrestling. Feel free to call the guy a dick. He is a dick. He disrespects not only the fighters but also the fans. He does not deserve our respect as a person. But as a fighter he does deserve it. It is more skilled then most of us will ever dream to be. And the same goes for the most unknown guys in the UFC or StrikeFarce or Dream or Bellator or what ever Org. you support. Respect them all as athletes and as fighters no matter who they are as people. There is a line between personal and professional. Sometimes its gets a bit blurs but that just means that we need to focus on what MMA is really all about, that is MIXED MARTIAL ARTS and not who would we most like to hang out it. Remember this next time you start to boo a poor striker or poor wrestler or grappler. I was humbled last night by getting my assed kicked and it reminded me about what is really going on when two warriors step into the cage. Two people, one cage, and a test of will and might. Respect that.

Yeah I quoted a communist. Eat it.

-Chris Mccready, roguemind

And now for the beer. I give you Cherry Oak Doppelbock (Brothers’ Reserve Series)

This beer pours a deep amber color and smells of carmel, cherry, and oak. Its a malty beer and easily drinkable. It seems that the cherry and oak flavors seem to fight the the malts for attention of your taste buds. The mix would be better I think if they toned down the cherry and oak flavors a bit and gave the vanilla and cocca malts and more strength. The body is medium and is far from a liquid bread sort of feel. Overall this is a decent beer. It was worth the price and is a good beer to try, but it not one that I think I will buy again.

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