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New Fighter. New Beer.

New Fighter. New beer

I am starting my MMA writing off with an idea I stole out of a Fighters Only magazine. Which by the way in my opinion is the only MMA magazine worth buying that I have found thus far. Towards the back of the last issue I read, they had a bit where they introduced new talent breaking into the MMA world. I loved the idea and now have stolen it. I think there is a disappointing amount of “grooming” going on in the MMA world. I get the feeling that the various organizations out there go over their fighter lists and pick the most marketable talent they have and push those fighters to the public. This is probably a good practice from a business standpoint but it leaves the new guys(and gals) left behind to struggle for recognition. So the idea that Fighters Only of taking the news guys and writing about them seems like it could be very helpful for newcomers in MMA. There is a lot of talent out there that the casual MMA fan has never even heard about until an organization like the UFC decides to show them to the world. And this brings me to the first fighter I want to talk about.
His name is Daniel Roberts and he fights out of Tulsa, OK. Roberts was recently picked to replace the injured Anthony “Rumble” Jonhson who was forced to pull out of the upcoming UFC debut on VS due to a knee injury. Roberts boats an impressive 9-0 record with 7 of those victories coming via submission(two by punches and 5 BJJ submissions). I would tell you who he beat, but like Roberts himself, most of you would have no idea who they where and it would mean nothing to you. So I will sum up his fights for you in one sentence. Do not underestimate this man or he will punch your face in and/or break your arm off like he did in this video.

Roberts also boast an impressive training record. He states on his website that he was an all-american wrestler with a total of 12 years worth of wrestling and BJJ experience. He was the national nogi BJJ champion, placed third in the welterweight Jiu Jitsu championship and 2nd in the nogi BJJ worlds all in 2009. His grappling record stands at 57-14. Roberts is no slouch on the ground. Combine that with 4 years of karate, 3 of judo, and the fact recently he has been training with Gilbert Melendez and the Diaz brothers and you get a svery strong ground grappler. Roberts also plans to start training with Jake Shields when he s free from filming the next season of TUF. He also states that lists him as the #1 welterweight in the state though I could not verify that as the newest list I found was from Oct of 2008 and it listed him as #2 behind Levi Avera.

Fight Expectations.

Daniel Roberts is untested against a striker and John Howard has done well against bjj/wrestlers with three of his has six fights coming by way of TKO or KO. Roberts said in an interview that his striking is good, but his bjj is better. I’m not sure how good “good striking” is so my advice to Mr. Roberts is to not try and stand with Howard. Instead he should use his wrestling/bjj to take him down quickly and ether submit him or get mount and pound his face in. I wouldn’t say Howard’s standup is world class or anything but I think it would be a bad game plan for Roberts to try and stand against him. Howard is the favorite for this match up by far but I think Roberts has both the skill and momentum to pull this of so my for this fight will be Daniel Roberts.

And now for the beer.
robust porter by smuttynose brewery
First up is Robust Port brewed by Smutty Nose Brewery out of Portsmouth, NH. Obviously it is a porter so we expect a dark colored, full-bodied malty sort of beer. And the Robust porter delivers. I won’t even attempt to use the fancy tasting terms that most beer reviews use and will instead get right down to it. What the fuck does is taste like? Well it smells like a coffee with alcohol and the smell only gets stronger when you put your nose to close to the mug and sniff some right up into your nostrils like it was a fine white powder. The website claims coffee and chocolate notes when tastes and if you really look(taste) for it you can get those “notes”. Its very drinkable and sits at the middle of the Lucky smoothness scale that I just invented right now as I was writing this.The aftertaste does linger a bit longer that I would like and is really uneventful. I will have no problem finishing of this six pack and would call it a good beer to try, but I dont think I will visit the particular brew again. Smutty Nose has peaked my intrest, especially when it comes to their name, so I will be trying a few of their other brews. They make a wide variety of beers from traditional ales, scotch and barlywine ales, IPAs, to wheat beers, porters, and stouts. I particularly want to try their Big A IPA and a beer called “S’Muttonator” which apparently is a double bock(basicly a strong lager)


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