Does the race to be first hurt the media?

The last month or so of MMA news has led me to wonder. What is the price of jumping to break a story and getting it wrong? Or at least getting it partially wrong? Now I’ll be the first to say that I am far from a pro media outlet. I RT new on twitter like a mad man and randomly through my opinion out. Even if people are not listening. I do however know what I expect from the professional media. I know that I want the facts. I want what is known about the current issue. Your style of telling the facts is irrelevant to me. I have my preferred style(I like a bit of humor) but really its the facts that matter. And that brings me to the reason I am writing this. The race to be the first source of some new bit of breaking news and what this does to both your credibility as a writer and to the MMA community as a whole. I as a fan follow multiple news outlets for a ton of different reasons. I do indeed want MMA news as quickly as I can get it. But does breaking a story first make me spend more time on your site versus another? Not a chance. I’ll read your bit of breaking news and move on. There are so many credible MMA news sites out there that it would be stupid for an obsessed fan like myself to hang around just one hoping that since they broke this story first they are going to get all of the others. That brings up another question. Am I the only one who thinks like this? And if I am not and a lot of us think the way I do then why the rush to break things first? Money? Notoriety? If that’s the case then that actually drives me away from your site. I want to spend a short time there getting what I need and move on. I’d rather have a site who gets there second but actually cares about the information they give to fans. Quality is more important to me, the fan, than being first. Anyways back to the race.
What happens when you break news first. You get a boost in clicks for a few hours(days?). Yay, happy time for you. Good job here is a cookie. Maybe I’ll come back. But now lets pretend your story was not complete. Your news turns out to be missing a bit. For example. Lets say you just stated: Huge Johnson was arrested at school for picking up kicks. My first reaction as a fan would be, holy shit Huge Johnson is a pedophile! But a bit later the rest of the story gets out. As it turns out Huge Johnson actually got arrested at his son’s school while waiting to pick him up. Apparently he had 600 unpaid parking tickets and the police finally caught him. Now my reaction as a fan is this: that first news site is full of shit. They made me think Hugh Johnson not only had a funny name but he was also a pedo. Fuck them I’m never going back to their site. See the parallels with a certain current situation? A lack of information lead to the tarnishing of a good guys name(his lively hood), you know apart from him and his parking issues. Point is that despite you being first the quality of the information you put out turned out to be incomplete and gave me a totally wrong idea of the situation. So when it comes to sources for my news your on my shit list.
Now using the same story lets pretend you saw the first bit of news(Huge Johnson was arrested at school for picking up kicks). But you thought, this doesn’t sound right. So you make some calls and send some email and smoke a cancer stick or three. A couple of hours later you come out with your own story. Your maybe 3rd or 4th to break the news but your first with the complete story. Hugh Johnson has a parking problem but at least he was on time to get his kids. Now again me as the fan reading that story see the story in its entirety and remembers what a good job you did of getting the big picture. You where far from being first to break the news but you put out the most complete news. Your website is now bookmarked and place in my daily read list. Now not every news puts out bits and pieces just to be first. But a lot do. Or at least they try to. And my point in all of this is sometimes is better for both your reputation as a writer and source of information to wait a bit before jumping into the stream just to get your name out. Sure when it works it works. But when it doesn’t work it will hurt you more that being first would help you. Taking 100 steps forward means nothing if the next minute you take 600 backwards. I’ll stop rambling though and leave you with a video of a guy who was a little to worried about being first when he should have been paying more attention to the quality of his work.

My thoughts on the after fight fight.

So for those who where not paying attention here is what happened with a little background. The fight is question was Jake Shields VS Dan Henderson. Shields shocked many people(myself included) by dominating ‘Hendo’ for most of the fight. I figured ‘Hendo’ would role right over shields. I was was wrong. ‘Hendo’ was out fought on every level. But thats not what I am here to whine about so back to the story. Apparently “Mayhem” Miller was cornering ‘Hendo’ which explains why he was even near the cage. The same goes for both of the Diaz assholes and the champ Gilbert Melendez(who fought a great fight as well in case your wondering). So the fight ends. The cageside announcer is interviewing Jake Shields. ‘Mayhem’ steps up near Shields and his camp and interrupts to ask Shields “where is my rematch buddy” while seemingly trying to shake Jake Sheilds’ hand. Someone from Shields’ camp decided that it was a good time to push “Mayhem”. So they did and Jake Shields got a good shove in on “Mayhem” as well. Immediately after the shoves the Shields camp(Melendez, the Diaz assholes, and others) jumped ‘Mayhem’ gangland style while a few others pulled Jake Shields away.
So thats a simple version of what happened. Now here are my thoughts. First off I agree with some of you that maybe ‘Mayhem’ could have picked a better time to called out Jake Shields. Like perhaps when the Diaz GANG is in a different building. But we all need to remember something. It is not at all odd for a fighter to step into a cage and ask for a rematch with a guy he has lost to. It happens a lot, especially with the bigger fights. Sure he should have given Shields a few more seconds to chill or maybe even waited for the presser, but this brawl was NOT at all Miller’s fault. Shields camp was completely in the wrong and I would not be surprised if charges or sanctions where levied against them. We have to give some credit to Shields though because in an interview after the after fight he admitted he let is emotions get away from him and he apologized. Melendez also apologized. The apology from Diaz however was not really an apology. Diaz basically said ‘the dude deserved it’. Yeah you guys are real tough guys huh? Many against one is a way to show your the better man and the perfect way to “have his back” right? Anyways thats what I think. Another thing we should keep in mind is that baseball has had far more of these type of brawls than MMA. The same goes for football, soccer, and hockey. I am actually a bit surprised that this has not happened more often. People need to remember that this is a FIGHT sport and having a fight at a fight is not really that big of a deal. If anything more people will watch MMA now hoping for something similar. Its the nascar effect. People dont actually watch nascar to watch car turn left five hundred times. Well not the ones with brains anyways. They watch it hoping for crashes. That after fight fight was the nascar crash of MMA and I think it will draw more people to the sport. I purposely did not include links to the brawl. It wasn’t that great of a fight anyways. Was more like someone getting ‘jumped’ in. Not that I’ve ever been involved in something like that 🙂

Humble & A DoppleBock


I have always thought of myself as a guy who could handle himself in just about any sort of fight. Maybe I would not win them all, but I would not get crushed or completely dominated. That all changed last night. As some of you know I have started taking Brazilian Jui Jitsu classes at a local school. Last night was my second class. We started out with warmups and moved into double/single leg take-down drills using a jab as a distractor. I did okay with that bit. We next moved onto getting an opponent who has you in side control into your guard. Again, I did okay. It was obvious that it was the first time I was doing these things but I was not completely lost. And in the last bit of class we did what is called Randori which simple put is free-style practice or sparring. My instructor picked me to roll around with seeing as I am way green at BJJ. I was completely lost and dominated. We started on our knees and I was very quickly mounted our locked up in his closed guard. I worked and work and achieved little or no success. I might have passed once but even then I got the feeling he let me pass because very soon after I passed I was locked up in a darse choke. After that we swapped people out and the first group(myself included) was able to watch others practice. I saw some things I should try and caught my breath(it was only 2 or 3 min sessions but I am way out of shape). Then it was my turn again. The same thing happened. I was totally controlled. Soon after that class ended and we all left for other classes or to go home.
The drive home and the subsequent shower left me with plenty of time to think. At first my mind was going over and over what happened trying to think about what I did wrong and how that class changed me. I came up with another couple of things that might work to help me pass but my mind kept leaping back to one word.
I was totally dominated in randori. It was expected, but that does not make it any less true. I cannot handle myself effectively in EVERY fight type situation. It takes long training cycles and practice session after practice session to do these type of things. I need to work on this as much as I can. I need to work and study my ground game and train hard to get my cardio where it needs to be. This line of though kept working in my head and soon enough got me thinking about the MMA and the thoughts that go through my head. Thoughts like, “What is that idiot doing!? Why won’t he sweep him? Duck that punch dammit! That dumbass cant even take him down. This guys striking sucks. He is getting worked on the ground”. Most times that I watch a fight those sort of though inevitably swirl through my brain. But after that class I am now wondering why I thought those things. We as fans watch mostly as entertainment or to see some guy get is assed kicked or to see a good grappler or striker or some mix of the two. We sit back with our beer and our friends and we judge. Over and over again, fight after fight, we look at the warriors and make assumptions and in our minds place the fighters at some point on the wining/losing scale. This for the most hurts no one. It changes nothing about the fight or the fighters. We are just flexing our MMA knowledge and “getting into it”.
But after having my ass handed to me I was shown something else that I think we all should keep on our minds when watch the fights. These are two highly trained warriors. They have put in hundreds of hours in the gym and on the mats training themselves to fight, in some cases for their very well being(feed their family, pay the rent, etc…). We should remember when we start to make judgments on something that a fighter does that what they are doing it immensely harder then we think it is. When the thought comes, “what the hell is he doing?”, remember that that man or women in that arena is fighting his ass off and doing the best he can. Place yourself in his shoes. The adrenaline is flowing, your heart is pounding, your sweating buckets, your getting hit in the face, and the guy(or girl) across from you is trying to put you to sleep.
I would never ask people to not make judgements about out favorite sport. That is part of the fun of watching it. To analyze and look for ways a fighter could do better. To predict outcomes and find your fighter to follow. I am simply asking you(and me) to keep a huge level of respect for what these men and women are doing in the back of your minds as you are getting into the fight. These are highly trained athletes and win or lose, asshole or angle, they all deserve to be respected for the dedication and work that they all have put into the sport they love. They are in there working their asses of to entertain you. Cock lesnar make be an asshole but he is very talented when it comes to athleticism and wrestling. Feel free to call the guy a dick. He is a dick. He disrespects not only the fighters but also the fans. He does not deserve our respect as a person. But as a fighter he does deserve it. It is more skilled then most of us will ever dream to be. And the same goes for the most unknown guys in the UFC or StrikeFarce or Dream or Bellator or what ever Org. you support. Respect them all as athletes and as fighters no matter who they are as people. There is a line between personal and professional. Sometimes its gets a bit blurs but that just means that we need to focus on what MMA is really all about, that is MIXED MARTIAL ARTS and not who would we most like to hang out it. Remember this next time you start to boo a poor striker or poor wrestler or grappler. I was humbled last night by getting my assed kicked and it reminded me about what is really going on when two warriors step into the cage. Two people, one cage, and a test of will and might. Respect that.

Yeah I quoted a communist. Eat it.

-Chris Mccready, roguemind

And now for the beer. I give you Cherry Oak Doppelbock (Brothers’ Reserve Series)

This beer pours a deep amber color and smells of carmel, cherry, and oak. Its a malty beer and easily drinkable. It seems that the cherry and oak flavors seem to fight the the malts for attention of your taste buds. The mix would be better I think if they toned down the cherry and oak flavors a bit and gave the vanilla and cocca malts and more strength. The body is medium and is far from a liquid bread sort of feel. Overall this is a decent beer. It was worth the price and is a good beer to try, but it not one that I think I will buy again.

New Fighter. New Beer.

New Fighter. New beer

I am starting my MMA writing off with an idea I stole out of a Fighters Only magazine. Which by the way in my opinion is the only MMA magazine worth buying that I have found thus far. Towards the back of the last issue I read, they had a bit where they introduced new talent breaking into the MMA world. I loved the idea and now have stolen it. I think there is a disappointing amount of “grooming” going on in the MMA world. I get the feeling that the various organizations out there go over their fighter lists and pick the most marketable talent they have and push those fighters to the public. This is probably a good practice from a business standpoint but it leaves the new guys(and gals) left behind to struggle for recognition. So the idea that Fighters Only of taking the news guys and writing about them seems like it could be very helpful for newcomers in MMA. There is a lot of talent out there that the casual MMA fan has never even heard about until an organization like the UFC decides to show them to the world. And this brings me to the first fighter I want to talk about.
His name is Daniel Roberts and he fights out of Tulsa, OK. Roberts was recently picked to replace the injured Anthony “Rumble” Jonhson who was forced to pull out of the upcoming UFC debut on VS due to a knee injury. Roberts boats an impressive 9-0 record with 7 of those victories coming via submission(two by punches and 5 BJJ submissions). I would tell you who he beat, but like Roberts himself, most of you would have no idea who they where and it would mean nothing to you. So I will sum up his fights for you in one sentence. Do not underestimate this man or he will punch your face in and/or break your arm off like he did in this video.

Roberts also boast an impressive training record. He states on his website that he was an all-american wrestler with a total of 12 years worth of wrestling and BJJ experience. He was the national nogi BJJ champion, placed third in the welterweight Jiu Jitsu championship and 2nd in the nogi BJJ worlds all in 2009. His grappling record stands at 57-14. Roberts is no slouch on the ground. Combine that with 4 years of karate, 3 of judo, and the fact recently he has been training with Gilbert Melendez and the Diaz brothers and you get a svery strong ground grappler. Roberts also plans to start training with Jake Shields when he s free from filming the next season of TUF. He also states that lists him as the #1 welterweight in the state though I could not verify that as the newest list I found was from Oct of 2008 and it listed him as #2 behind Levi Avera.

Fight Expectations.

Daniel Roberts is untested against a striker and John Howard has done well against bjj/wrestlers with three of his has six fights coming by way of TKO or KO. Roberts said in an interview that his striking is good, but his bjj is better. I’m not sure how good “good striking” is so my advice to Mr. Roberts is to not try and stand with Howard. Instead he should use his wrestling/bjj to take him down quickly and ether submit him or get mount and pound his face in. I wouldn’t say Howard’s standup is world class or anything but I think it would be a bad game plan for Roberts to try and stand against him. Howard is the favorite for this match up by far but I think Roberts has both the skill and momentum to pull this of so my for this fight will be Daniel Roberts.

And now for the beer.
robust porter by smuttynose brewery
First up is Robust Port brewed by Smutty Nose Brewery out of Portsmouth, NH. Obviously it is a porter so we expect a dark colored, full-bodied malty sort of beer. And the Robust porter delivers. I won’t even attempt to use the fancy tasting terms that most beer reviews use and will instead get right down to it. What the fuck does is taste like? Well it smells like a coffee with alcohol and the smell only gets stronger when you put your nose to close to the mug and sniff some right up into your nostrils like it was a fine white powder. The website claims coffee and chocolate notes when tastes and if you really look(taste) for it you can get those “notes”. Its very drinkable and sits at the middle of the Lucky smoothness scale that I just invented right now as I was writing this.The aftertaste does linger a bit longer that I would like and is really uneventful. I will have no problem finishing of this six pack and would call it a good beer to try, but I dont think I will visit the particular brew again. Smutty Nose has peaked my intrest, especially when it comes to their name, so I will be trying a few of their other brews. They make a wide variety of beers from traditional ales, scotch and barlywine ales, IPAs, to wheat beers, porters, and stouts. I particularly want to try their Big A IPA and a beer called “S’Muttonator” which apparently is a double bock(basicly a strong lager)


-Posted by Lucky AKA roguemind

Beer & MMA. Coming Soon.